Kopper Top

A photo story about John Evans, one of the many riders at Kopper Top, a therapeutic riding farm.

Disabilities at Elon

My contribution to a group project - a feature story and video about a girl with Friedreich’s ataxia.

Unemployment Rates

The final project for my Multimedia Journalism class having been given the prompt that the unemployment rates in the US are dropping.


An in-depth profile piece about a dance major with only one arm.

Lucid Nightmares

A video and feature piece about the Elon University's 2013 theater studies majors and their senior thesis.


A package about a fellow member of the class of 2013 at Elon who started his own local music promotion company.

Amendment One

An in-depth article on both takes on the Amendment One issue in North Carolina.

Friendship Bracelet?

A visual narrative project completed for my Digital Media Convergence class my sophomore year at Elon University.

The Painter's Roost

A feature piece on a new painting party place in Elon, North Carolina.